Timber Value - Added Chain


Lemeks AS was founded in 1993 with an aim to create a modern forest stocking company systematically covering the whole country and on the basis of which a timber industry could be established, which values local timber.

Today, Lemeks Group has developed into the biggest forestry company in Estonia funded by Estonian capital, which operates successfully in the sphere of timber processing and forest stocking as well as agriculture. 35 subsidiaries and related companies provide employment to more than 1000 people in Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and USA.

Belonging to the Lemeks Group provides Palmako support in financial management and IT. It also gives an excellent opportunity to exchange valuable information and experience with other specialists of the same field. The existence of saw mills belonging to the group’s value chain ensures the supply of raw material during harder times.

Read more about Lemeks Group at www.lemeks.ee.

Our value-added chain starts from Estonian forests, for accelerating the growth of which we organise forest planting events each spring.

We manage forests prudently, ensuring thereby the sustainability of Estonian forests. For us it is important to know that we can be confident in the heritage of the timber.

Primary processing of timber is performed in saw mills partially owned by the Lemeks Group. We like it that as a natural material timber has many application areas. The possibility to reuse it adds even more value to it.

Glued laminated timber manufactured by us gives building structures and elements the best load-bearing capacity and durability.

Companies belonging to the Lemeks Group give timber new life. We use it to manufacture playgrounds, summerhouses, industrial buildings and many other items with the aim of making the surrounding environment natural and closer to the nature.

We do our everyday work efficiently and we use timber processing waste in new and sustainable value-added forms.