Spruce forest Pine forest


Palmako uses Nordic spruce and pine timber for its finished products. Primary cooperation partners of Palmako AS in purchasing timber are in Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and Finland where there is long-lasting purchase experience.

For the production of machine-rounded spruce and pine, wood (small log) mainly obtained from thinning mature forest and second layer spruce woods and pine woods is used. The forest material used comes from the forests of Estonia which are well-maintained and managed. The annual need for forest material is approximately 50,000 – 60,000 m3.

Dry (KD18 and SD12) spruce sawn timber is used for the production of garden houses, garden products and glulam timber. The purchased sawn timber meets the quality requirements PF; SF. The annual need of sawn timber in the production plants is approx. 130,000 m3.