Here are some of the more important milestones of our company history:
We started manufacturing houses under the name Palmako Ehitus AS and first production included homes and saunas made of milled round logs.
2001: We took a direction in mass manufacture of garden cabins made of square logs. During the changes the entire production technology was replaced.
2005: We started manufacturing doors and windows for garden houses.
2006: First custom-sized log houses were manufactured, which we produce one by one and according to client’s wishes when needed.
2007: Laminated timber plant was opened, which enabled us to provide duo-trio beams and laminated beams in addition to the houses.
2010: We acquired a production facility of Boxer Puidu Export, a company based in Laekvere, which manufactured garden houses with production volume of 15,000 m3 a year.
2013: Pellet factory was opened, which enabled us to produce Premium quality pellets with 6 and 8 mm diameter.
2013: We purchased a manufacturing plant in Põltsamaa with the aim of expanding production and improving conditions for our workers.
2013: We started manufacturing wood pellets packed in smaller 15 kg bags, sold under the HEAT!T brand name.
2014: Garden house e-store opens in Estonia
2014: Põltsamaa complex launches production of windows and doors
2015: Palmako and Imprest, the Baltic production and sales leader in round and impregnated garden products, merge
2015: Garden house e-store opens in Finland.
2016: Swedish subsidiary Palmako AB was founded.
2017: Norwegian subsidiary Palmako Norge AS was founded.
2018: Imprest AS finally merged with Palmako AS.
2019: German subsidiary Palmako Deutschland GmbH was founded.