Palmako and Imprest join forces to develop new products and markets

Two subsidiaries of the Lemeks Group, AS Imprest and AS Palmako, are to become one company by the end of the year. Uniting the companies will create synergy in both product development and sales and customer support processes.
By decision of the annual meeting of shareholders, AS Imprest will become a subsidiary of AS Palmako. The planned consolidated turnover of the joined companies for 2015 is more than 50 million euros, and together they employ almost 400 people. Bringing them together will boost their investment capabilities and enable them to approach product development in an even more multi-faceted way.
Palmako is Europe’s leading producer and exporter of garden homes made from planed timber. Its product range is wide – from classic garden homes through carports and tool sheds to children’s play houses and pavilions. In addition to these, glulam products and heating granules are also manufactured by Palmako. Imprest is the leading manufacturer and marketer of garden products made from machine rounded and pressure treated timber. Its product range includes fence posts and poles, garden elements and panels, children’s playgrounds and garden furniture. Both companies export more than 90% of their products, mainly to other European countries.
Palmako and Imprest have been operating on the same markets for many years, and their clients have often been the same. As such, linking the companies permanently was the logical next step. As one company they will be able to offer clients an even wider range of products from one place with more flexible supply terms. Both trademarks – Palmako and Imprest – will be retained.
Since the two are sister companies, cooperation between them has been close, but bringing them together will enable an even greater contribution to product development with the aim of covering the entire garden timber range, and development of the sales network on current and future target markets.
Joining the companies will not lead to any major changes in how they operate. On the contrary, in the future it will be quick and easy to order all of the products from the same place at the same time, and by uniting the two’s skills, both specialist knowledge and know-how in various fields will be boosted.
'Jennifer' garden house (Palmako)                                   'Boss' paly set (Imprest)