AS Palmako’s legal address has changed – we are now at Näituse 25, 50409 Tartu, Estonia. All of our other contact details (telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, company registry number and VAT number) are the same. For more details see
This change of address is due to our recent move into the new Lemeks Group office building, which was completed at the end of October. Apart from Palmako, the other Lemeks Group companies – Lemeks, Imprest, AP Mets and Lemeks Wood Supply – have also found a home in the new office. Palmako contributed the tailor-made, specially shaped, glue-laminated beams used in the construction of the building. Producing them was a quite a major feat in itself. The beams resemble the branches of trees and extend through the three floors of the building.
Glue-laminated beams used in
the construction 

Interior view of new building

Lemeks Group’s new headquarter
in Näituse 25, Tartu