Corporate visual identity updated

Palmako will bring in the new year with a new face – in cooperation with the branding agency Identity OÜ we have updated our CVI, or Corporate Visual Identity. The most common and most tangible embodiment of the CVI is our new logo. There is however much more behind our new identity which sets the design tone for the whole company and hopefully expresses more accurately the multi product company we have now become.  The aim is to be more quickly recognised and distinguished in whichever market sector we are operating in whether it be wood pellets, laminated timber or garden buildings.
Palmako recently celebrated its 17th anniversary and our existing CVI was almost the same age. It had been clear for a while that an update of the CVI might be needed.  We didn’t have to start from scratch as we already had a well known and user friendly brand name - Palmako. In our new design the name looks like a proper noun (no longer being written all in capitals, but like somebody’s name). The legibility of the name in the logo has improved a lot. It’s more generic now and more accurately represents our position within the Lemeks Group – Estonia’s biggest forest and wood industry corporation. The updated CVI has also come with new corporate colours for Palmako – as you can see from the website, instead of the usual green we’ve moved towards a warm and cheery yellowish orange and dark brown. These are all close to the natural colours of wood, which is the basic material we use in our every day work in producing our cabins, glue-laminated beams and heating pellets.
The transition to the new logo and corporate colours will be smooth and gradual. You’ll almost certainly notice both bigger and smaller changes, and of course the new logo and colours, in the near future.

Cover of 2015 catalogue

Photoshopped log cabin packs in warehouse