Timber is vulnerable to attack from insects, damp and fungi and needs protection from all of these to extend its service life.
Modular Garden products can be ordered in different finishings:
Untreated natural wood Painted white Pressure treated brown Pressure treated green
Natural wood
To prolong the lifetime of the product and to preserve its appealing appearance, it is recommended to treat natural timber with a wood preservative agent as soon as possible.
We have invested into modern painting technology that enables us to paint our products using flowcoating method and spray chamber method. After painting, the products will dry in a 30 meter long drying chamber, where the whole process of drying can be adjusted and observed.
Pressure treatment
Modular Garden products are impregnated using the vacuum pressure method.
In order to extend the service life of timber we treat Modular Garden products with Impralit®-KDS wood preservative. This is a water-borne, chromium free wood preservative for the prevention of attack by insects (including termites), soft rot and fungal decay. It also offers temporary protection against blue stain and mould. The product has been on the market for over 20 years. Impralit®-KDS is only to be used for treating wood according to the requirements of use classed stipulated in EN 335-1.
The preservative penetrates deep into the wood with the help of vacuum and pressure. In this case a vacuum is initially generated in the cell cavities thereby evacuating the air inside them. The cavities are then filled with preservative solution which is forced into the wood under high pressure.