Selecting and installing the garden house

Which house to choose
A suitable house for every purpose can be found from our range. When deciding, take as a basis the purpose of the house; select the suitable ground plan and design. Wall thickness has been already designed according to house size and purpose. We have kept in mind above all the maximum comfort of use and functionality, not the lowest price.

Owners of small gardens who need a space for tools or firewood can select from a range of easy-to-install sheds from prefabricated elements. These are cabins made from elements that need to be screwed together. Elements are made of boards that are nailed to the framing.

Take notice of the quality of doors and windows: many of our houses have practical door sills – low and covered with metal, windows opening to the inside are mostly turn-tilt windows, higher quality doors and windows have double glazing, rubber seals and water gutter made of metal. Appropriate description is added to every product in the product catalogue.

House pack contents
Prefabricated elements of the garden house are packed for transportation. The package includes all the parts needed for the construction of the house: pressure-treated foundation joists, planed floor and roof boards with full tongue, tenoned wall elements, purlins, doors and windows fitted with glass, trim for roofs and floors, assembly kits including screws, nails, etc.

Package of that kind weighs 300 to 2000 kg, depending on the size of a house. Since the package contents of products vary, we recommend examining the description of every product in order to know the contents and products that you can buy in addition. For example, instead of ordinary glass, children’s houses are fitted with less fragile Plexiglas for safety considerations; some house packs already include roofing felt that can otherwise be bought as an extra, etc.

All timber elements are natural and need to be treated with wood protection products by the customer to resist weather effects.

Garden house installation
Installing a garden house begins from preparing a perfectly level and square foundation. Pouring a concrete foundation is not essential for that purpose; lightweight construction blocks, concrete slabs or posts are also suitable as a base. They need to be dug partly into the ground and levelled before installing the house in order to prevent the house from sinking.

Every house has installation manual included, describing all the main installation stages and separately displaying the wall elements. You can see some of the installation manual by the product description on our home page.