Palmako - bringing joy to the garden!

We are all searching for balance in life. The fast pace of modern life forces us to constantly move faster, higher and farther. Yet we still have an inner need that directs us to seek true meaning, deep rest, and slow happiness. Nowadays, finding peace of mind is a big challenge. Often, it is difficult to find a calm space where you can rest from your daily struggles and just let things be as they are.

Palmako aims to help create this space for you. Your garden is a place where special moments are stored. It is a place to rest, to deeply relax and to spend time with your loved ones. Here you will connect with your true inner essence, restore your strength and composure in order to face new challenges again. Palmako’s environmental-friendly wooden products are designed to make your garden a special place in your life. Palmako does not only produce garden houses, nor is it limited to complete garden solutions. Palmako produces the joy of being and creates a cozy garden space where you can regain your strength or have a great time with your family and friends.

Palmako brings joy to the garden.

We are happy and proud to present our brand new timber in the garden products imago brochure. View it HERE.