Palmako begins production of heating pellets

AS Palmako has added a new product to it’s growing portfolio of manufactured timber and forest related products. Traditionally the company has been involved in the production of milled square-log garden houses, log houses and laminated-timber products. The production has however just started to manufacture heating pellets at its Kavastu complex. Wood pellets are an environmentally-friendly biofuel  and this production work fits in well with the company’s activity profile as a whole aswell it’s core environmental values.

The output is up to 4.5 tons per hour, the annual output thus being up to 30,000 tons of wood pellets. The raw materials are: dry sawdust, planing chips and chunks left over from timber processing. The main product is Premium-quality heating pellets that are 6 mm in diameter. The facility is also capable of manufacturing pellets that are 8 mm in diameter. Initially there are no plans to offer the pellets in smaller packaging – only without packaging (in bulk). AS Palmako invested 2 million euros into the pellet factory constructed by AS Hekotek.

When asked why Palmako had started production of wood pellets, Rain Raudsepp (Chairmen) commented, “We were getting a lot of waste, like planing chips and timber off cuts, from the production of garden houses and products from laminated timber. Having commenced the manufacturing of wood pellets, we can now thus utilise the production waste and this allows us to reduce transport movements in the vicinity of the production facility,”  He went on to further explain the benefit of pellet production to the company and group. “At first we have to also purchase the necessary raw materials from other companies in the group and our partners. This allows us to maximise the value of the supplies and become more competitive.” . As it is already the case with Palmako’s garden houses and laminated-timber products, most of the heating pellets will be exported.

The wood pellets can be used in all boilers designed for wood and in conventional fireplaces outfitted with a special basket. The advantages of using such pellets for heating are the significantly lower prices compared to other heating varieties, simplicity and convenience. You will only need to fill up the boiler once per week. This is an environmentally-friendly fuel and it helps facilitate the  preservation of other natural resources.

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AS Palmako