Nurgapergola E2 paneelidega

Corner Pergola E2 4,71 m²
Article number:
307x307 cm
219 cm
44 mm
16 mm
90x90 mm

Structure of a corner pergola - 1 pc*
Panel E2 - 3 pc + 3 pc**
Post MG 1800 - 2 pc + 2 pc**
Fastening stand ‘Palmako’ - 2 pc + 2 pc**
*When combining different modules, it should be considered that because of the height of its roof, the corner pergola and pavilion cannot be connected with other modules with a roof.
**3 panels with the size of “2”, 2 posts of 1800, 1900 or 2700 mm in height (depending on the pole base) and 2 pole bases are required to close one side of the pavilion and corner pergola. The pavilion and corner pergola modules match all the designs of “Panel 2” (900 x 1800 mm) in all combinations.
Registered Community designs No 003752187-014.

Product information

Can be connected with products from the same series
Premium product - glulam frame 44x90 mm,16 mm boarding
Unique corner connection
All installation accessories (fittings) included
wood type: Nordic spruce
5 years guarantee
NB! The product is painted!