Nordic spruce

All Palmako products are manufactured from high-quality Nordic kiln-dried spruce. Long cold winters and short summers, characteristic to our region, bring about a slow growth rate of timber, providing it with longevity and durability. We value highly the aesthetic aspects of spruce – its fresh light Nordic hue and small knots.

Timber as a building material
Timber has been a popular construction material already for centuries and new technologies help to discover new ways of using timber – timber is one of the most commonly used construction materials in the world. Timber is light and strong as well as being easy to process and having efficient insulation qualities. Timber is also appreciated for its pleasant visual properties.

Timber is valued today above all for being environmentally friendly and the only renewable building material. Using timber is a significant part of a sustainable lifestyle. By prudently managing the forests and preferring wooden products we can create a healthy environment and contribute to saving the environment in a wider scale.

Significantly less energy is spent on producing wooden products when compared to many other materials.
Also, after their useful life, wooden products can be used for producing heat energy necessary for people’s vital functions, thus avoid burning of fossil fuels.

The tradition of wooden buildings in Estonia
Estonia is well known as a country with more than a half of its surface covered with forests, and, as a place where processing of wood is a very long historical tradition. Our ancestors used wood as the main building material and the oldest wooden houses in Estonia are more than 300 years old. We proudly carry on that centuries-old tradition and passion for this natural, warm, energy-saving and sustainable material.