Laminated timber products

Our laminated timber products include laminated timber beams, laminated ceiling beams, duo-trio beams and laminated logs. Beams are used in wooden weight bearing constructions. Laminated logs are manufactured for wall constructions of our own log houses as well as for sale to other log house manufacturers.

As for the houses, we manufacture laminated timber from high-quality Nordic spruce.
Our company has been certified by MPA Stuttgart Otto-Graf-Institute. We also belong to the Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau e.V. organisation. 

Laminated timber production conforms to EN 14080 requirements, finger jointing conforms to EN 14080 requirements. We use melamine glue EN 301.

We pack the beams individually and then wrap them together into plastic; however other options are possible if You require so.

We keep standard models in stock for express delivery. In addition to standard selection, we can provide also several other dimensions, which are listed in every product description.