Joy of being in the garden

We all strive to achieve ever-greater quality of life. Constantly juggling mountains of work and the need to spend time with our family forces us to look for balance between home and office, between reaping and sowing. It motivates us to emphasise our presence.
Our restless spirit and modern life force us out of our comfort zone – searching for greater value in life through social interaction and self-realisation.
Palmako doesn’t build an artificial world with fake emotion and fake people. In the shape of the garden, Palmako extends quality living space, making it a special place in people’s lives. Somewhere they live their real lives. A life which has meaning. Which is filled
with quality time spent together, which we share with those closest to us. Somewhere we experience special moments.
We don’t just make garden houses. We don’t restrict ourselves to comprehensive garden solutions, either.
We bring joy to the garden.