Garden and weekend houses 2015

We’re very pleased to present you with our 2015 catalogue. For this year's catalogue we took a selection of our wooden houses for a road trip all over Estonia. On the way we found some of the most amazing views and hidden gems of Nordic nature. The places that made us stop and took our breaths away. The places we didn't know would exist. Too spectacular not to share them with you. So sit back and let your imagination fill you with the stories. 
Brief overview of our new products in 2015:
Eco Line: Marseille 1, Marseille 1 VK 3,0, Marseille 1 VK 3,6, Marseille 2, Marseille 2 VK 3,0, Marseille 2 VK 3,6, Nancy, Ussel with glazed door
Classic Line: Nora
Elegant Line: Bella
Quick Fit Line: Simone
Weekend Line: Scarlett, Carla, Violet, Amber
Functional Line: Garage 1 kit, Garage 1 with wooden door, Garage 1 with up&over door, Garage 5 kit, Garage 5 with wooden door, Garage 5 with up&over door
Your Palmako-team

Carmen is drawn to islands. Here she takes a moment for herself in idyllic Osmussaare.