Garden and weekend houses 2014

Another year has gone by and we are very pleased to introduce you to our 2014 product catalogue. We hope that you like our new products and give them a warm welcome. As this year’s catalogue presents you with almost 150 different houses and cabin models, we are confident that you will find the most suitable product for your needs.

See our new products:
Eco Line: Ales 1, Ales 2, Lyon, Lara 1, Lara 2, Lara 3
Classic Line: Grace, Iris, Isabel, Jody
Elegant Line: Kim, Melody
Quick Fit Line: Fiona
Functional Line: Ted, Sid, Mini greenhouse 1, Mini greenouse 2, Debbie, Klaus, Robert, Ruby

We would like you to pay special attention to our Extra Line new product options. From this year you can order a new of type roof covering material – EPDM directly from us. This should be extra good news for every flat roof model buyer. Also  we can offer dark brown plastic rain gutter sets with a wide range of our houses. 
We appreciate your feedback regarding our products and services and we are keen to know how you have used our products. You are welcome to share your ideas, proposals and photos with us by sending them by e-mail to
We hope you enjoy wooden houses manufactured by Palmako! Have a good 2014!
Your Palmako-Team