Duo/trio beams

Product description:

Lumber species: Nordic Spruce (Picea abies)
Manufacturing: In accordance with DIN 1052
Timber grading: In accordance with DIN 4074
Finger jointing: In accordance with EN 14080:2013 / DIN 68140-1
Strength class: EN338:2009
Lumber moisture: 8-15%
Lamella thickness: Starting from 45 mm
Gluing: MUF glue, light, non darkening, EN 301 Type 1, weather proof
Surface quality: Planed on four sides, chamfered, visual or non visual quality, end trimmed
Lengths: Up to 18,0 m
Packaging:  Pack covered with plastic from 6 sides, beams single wrapped
Inspection report: In accordance with DIN 1052-1
External monitoring: MPA (Stuttgart) Otto-Graf Institut (FMPA)
CE certificate number: 0672-CPR-0465
Company ID number: 0672

Duo/Trio beams against order!