As we have our own treatment baths for brown, grey and clear white dip treatment, cabins and other larger sized items can be ordered treated with Axil 3000 P by the Sarpap & Cecil Industries water-soluble treatment liquid, guaranteeing treatment within classes 1-3. In addition to wood-protecting components against biological damage and protection of UV radiation this primer can contain three different pigments. The brown and grey dipping treatment can enhance the colour of your house, but the clear white dipping works for the pre-paint preparation stage. The pigment fades gradually over time but this does not have a negative effect on the performance of the treatment.

Dipping bath for treatment

The treating process involves immersing the entire product in a bath of treatment liquid for approximately 30 minutes, enabling the treatment to penetrate every element. The product is then allowed to air dry before it is packaged.

Dip treatment enables treatment to penetrate areas of the product that cannot be reached when stains are applied by brush. To ensure the best protection against UV radiation, dirt and mechanical damage, topcoat should be applied as soon as possible. It is important to follow the paint manufacturer's instructions. Treated wood must be finished with at least 2 coats of topcoat. It is important to remember that all wood must be dry when it is painted.

Treatment is available for most of the garden houses, except those with milk glass (e.g. Lara, Rasmus) and those that have large details which doesn’t fit in the dipping bath (e.g. Veronica’s roof elements).

Sally 15,5 m2, natural

Sally 15,5 m2, clear white dip


Sally 15,5 m2, grey dip


Sally 15,5 m2, brown dip