Garden Houses

The term garden house as such covers very diverse products in our range: practical and simple tool sheds, children’s playhouses, romantic and cosy pavilions and grill houses, carports, garages and of course, garden houses in their most classical sense as repositories or as a cosy extra space for the family or guests.

Log Houses

Our log houses can be used as summer or weekend cottages, camping and residential houses, and we also provide outdoor saunas. The following catalogue shows you some of our log house references and explains thoroughly what we can offer. Please note that these pages include only some of our models and ideas for Palmako log houses – with the help of our architects and bespoke design service we are also able to offer you exactly the kind of house you would like. 

Glulam products

Our laminated timber products include laminated timber beams, duo-trio beams, finger-jointed construction timber and glue laminated logs. Beams are used as posts and for weight bearing constructions. We manufacture laminated beams for wall constructions of our own log houses as well as for sale to other log house manufacturers.

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are an environmentally-friendly biofuel type. The advantages are the significantly lower prices compared to other fuel varieties, simplicity and convenience. We offer 6 and 8 mm Premium quality wood pellets which are produced using the best possible raw materials.